One of the first things which you will probably have to look at before making all the necessary choices of dress, decorations, caterer, reception hall, etc is the actual day you will be getting wed!  

You probably already have an idea of the day or periof you would like to get married in but there are a number of considerations which you should take note of when deciding on your final day.  One of the main elements which you will be looking in for is certainly the weather.  A good wedding photographer will not be discouraged by some rain, but I am sure you prefer to have your celebration under some sun!  This is one of the main reasons why the majority of the maltese weddings are planned for the summer period, however caution must be also expressed as morning weddings in July and August are risky due to our hot climate. One cannot expect the guests to stay prolonged hours suited up!

When booking particular dates, one should also consider the following events which could coincide with your wedding and therefore best to avoid:   

  • Election times.
  • World cup or the Euro cup period - these are scheduled every 2 years with most matches occurring in June.
  • A number of guests might also be interested in the Eurovision final stages, which is held in May.
  • Other local events - in venues such as  Mdina, it would be wise to check if there will be any annual activity on the day such as the Mdina Festival, Mdina Grand Prix or some other event.

One must also remember that the at the end of all this you will be celebrating your wedding anniversary annually!  So it might be wise to actually set a date which is at an eve to a public holiday or some day which you will always be able to celebrate well.   One other important consideration to give to the date is if the date has a significant romantic value such as the date of your first encounter, kiss or proposal.  

One must also consider whether one prefers a Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning wedding.  For Friday Weddings one might expect to have fewer guests attending Mass due to work commitments.  Other guests may have to work on Saturday morning and thus might need to leave earlier from the reception.

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