To celebrate your most important date, that is your wedding day, not only will you need a great malta wedding photographer which you find friendly and at ease with, but you also need good food and a great location.  I will here right on what to look for when searching for your wedding reception venue, which most probably is one of the first things which you will start looking for.

The following tips will help you in making the right choice:

  • Number of guests - Obviously you need to check out that the venue can comfortably and safely hold the number of guests you intend to have.
  • Indoor and Outdoor - Ensure that the reception location has both an indoor & outdoor venue!   You always want to put your mind at rest in case of a bad weather.
  • Catering - If you want a particular caterer then you will need to check if the venue is open for all caterers or if it has its exclusive caterer. It would also be wise to confirm that a kitchen is available for use.
  • Restriction to Sound level - Some venues (especially those located in certain areas) have strict policies in relation to the sound levels which has to be lowered by 11pm and possibly switched off by 1am. If you intend to have long party hours or even if you have a late mass, then it is wise to think well about having the music lowered at 11pm (as usually it’s the time when the dancing starts).
  • Parking –  Check if the wedding location has a parking area large enough to accomodate all your guests or if this is an extra optional expense.  If parking is available t would also be wise to indicate this in your invitations.  
  • Overtime and charges – Check the overtime rate of the venue, and at what time does the overtime costs start and finish.  Try to ask if there are other charges, such as a security or other hidden charges which may not be immediately evident.  
  • Contact point - establish and get the details of the contact person for the venue in case you need to check something or access the venue before the wedding.
  • Venue availability
    • Some of your suppliers will need to go earlier at the venue to setup. Some venues might require an extra fee to open up early and therefore it is wise to always check this out.  
    • Confirm that the venue will be available to open in the morning for the beverage delivery, or if the beverage delivery can be done on another day before the day of your wedding.
  • Extra rooms - Check that the venue has a room to lock up the drinks, and a room for the best man to keep the presents locked in. Also ask if there is a changing room which can be used by the bride if need be. Maybe you would also want to check if there are some other rooms where the formal shots can be held.
  • Generator - Check that the venue has a working generator in case of any blackout and how much it can be loaded.
  • Cancellation policy - check also the cancellation policy of the venue in case you change your mind on the venue after a deposit has been payed.