One of the questions which all photography enthusiasts love to share and check with fellow photographers is the equipment and gear a photographer has and uses.  Now it must be said that there is no holy grail for photography, and one keeps always expanding and evolving in his equipment.  

Since the time I have started photography, I was intrigued by the Sony Mirrorless realm. Lighter then the equivalent DSLRs, I first purchased a Nex 5, then a Nex 6 and finally the a6000 before I upgraded to fullframe.  Its been quite a journey...

My current setup is as follows:



I cannot stress how much the JB handgrip improves the handling of the camera.  I have also tried a Meike vertical grip, however the JB grip is just better - lighter, takes less space and adds a vintage look to the camera!


  • Sel35f14

  • Batis 85mm f1.8

  • Batis 18mm f2.8

  • Sel55z f1.8 (used for travel)

  • Sel1635z (I use this exclusively for landscape and travel work mostly)

  • Mitakon 50mm f0.95 (used for portrait sessions)

These are the main lenses I am currently using for my work at the moment.   For weddings I use an all prime lens approach, giving me the best possible sharpness, depth of field and sensitivity.


I am currently using two Nissin di700 together with their air controller which can wirelessly trigger them.   These are mainly used in photoshoots or for the posed moments.


Multiple 128Gb, 64GB SD Cards... the A7rii / A7riii produces images of 42MP!


I find this setup flawless for portraits and wedding photography and now with the A7rii the focus speed and accuracy is really upto DSLR standards.  The IQ is flawless and I have made a decision to use the two bodies both with prime lenses attached, giving me different views during a wedding or a shootout, mostly shooting in a wide open fashion.

Updated in March 2016, with the purchase of the A7rii replacing my A7s. ;)

Updated in Jan 2017, with the purchase of the Batis 18mm for superwide shoots

Updated in July 2017, with the purchase of the RX1Rii

Updated in April 2019, with the purchase of the A7riii