Sometimes it takes a lot of planning to get a shootout location booked, makeup artist and models all set... sometime things just happen.

By Friday, we had set out to do a photoshoot with two female models and a male model in Mdina, however ... on Friday evening one of the models informed me she was sick.  By Saturday morning I had also lost my male model  - who had been called in for a rehearsal. Furthermore, on Saturday morning my makeup artist sent me a message, as she was worried that the weather was going to ruin the shootout.  

So we quickly searched for an alternative and I must say that I was impressed that MonteKristo Estates where so hospitable to allow to shoot at their location.  I never imagined that this could be sorted out so quickly!  I take the opportunity to thank them all the staff for their availability.  On Friday evening I also had contacted another model who was eager to join in... so we headed our way to the MonteKristo estates.

It was my second time in this Estate, which is used for various different activities... and this time around we ventured into the Winevaults.  I must say the location is amazing to say the least and if the owners permit, I would like to revisit the place with different models and dresses.

Here are some of the shots from the event...  we moved from the winevault to the main hall.  I tried to use the various techniques including using reflections, symetry, contrast and foreground objects.  The veil used added the sense of mystery I wanted to add in a number of shots.

The first shot was taken with the 35mm Zeiss the rest with the Batis.  The dynamic range of the cameras enabled me to recover the details quite well.