So last week I received my RX1R camera... yes its the first version of the camera (second technically as there was aslo the RX1).  You may say that I am a bit late in this purchase as Sony has recently announced the RX1R ii version of the camera (see details release here)... but the reason I bought the first version of the camera is I intend to use this as a fullframe compact carry around camera and not for work related stuff.   

The Technical Details

The RX1R camera has been greatly praised in all reviews I have read, with its amazing dynamic range, very good bokeh and low light performance.  The camera comes with a fixed lens 35mm Zeiss prime (f2), a very flexible focal length.  So the camera had everything that I needed, in a very compact body.  Also the camera has a silent shutter - no sound at all when you click for the picture - making it perfect for discreet work.

When I say that the camera has an amazing dynamic range, I really mean it.  In fact it seems that it even wins against my A7s and A7ii in the amount of information and detail I am able to recover.



If you are like me, I am always imagining street photography shots as I walk around.  It happened to me a number of times that I said to myself that I wished I had a camera with me.  Now I am making a resolution with myself to carry this gem around with me, wherever I am and uptill today (around 2 weeks of use) I have always been able to take it with me apart from one time when I wore a very tight jacket.

What is missing

What I do miss, more then the viewfinder, is a tilting screen (infact this is now in the RX1R ii).  Since this camera is a street photography workhouse, a tilt screen would have been really useful to shoot from the a low point and not attracting to much attention.  I have also decided to purchase a wrist leather strap, since I find the camera grip to be almost inexistent and constantly feel as if the camera is going to slip from my hands.

The Pictures

I am here sharing some shots I have taken with this camera uptill now.

Well I must say, I am really happy with my RX1R and I feel I will be using is alot over these Christmas holidays ! :)