The wedding is a moment that comes only once in our lifetime and therefore not only should you take care in choosing the correct wedding photographer, but also ensure that the photographer knows what you want from him.  

Capturing the details

One of the important aspects in wedding photography is capturing the various details of the day - which the bride and groom have been preparing so intensely for.   FBalzan is the Wedding photographer Malta which will capture all the details for you.  We will not sit back and relax during your wedding, but doing this out of passion I will make my outmost to deliver the emotions, thrills and details of your wedding.

Capturing the critical moments

I would say that during a typical maltese wedding there are a number of critical moments:

  • The arrival of the bride and groom
  • The exchange of the vows / rings
  • The first dance
  • The cutting of the cake at the reception

One of the climaxes of the wedding ceremony is the time when the exchange of the rings occurs.  Since this part of the ceremony is so  much important, a wedding photographer will certainly want to capture the emotions stirred at this moment and the  facial expressions. This wedding photograph will be one of the moments cherished forever.

Capturing the expressions and emotions

The human body is capable of communicating not only with its face but also through the whole body.  A good wedding photography Malta while be able to recreate all the emotions through attention to all the aspects around him.  Interpretive photography is also one of the types of photographic styles used in the wedding industry.  


Capturing the decorations

Organizing a wedding requires serious commitment and therefore all the decisions taken by the bride and groom should be reproduced by the photographer.  Photographers in Malta realize that this is very important and will try to capture all this in one photograph.  The flowers, the dress, the accessories, the small details at the reception table, the cake will all need to be covered and documented.