It may seem that wedding photography is simple... one might think that a photographer just needs to click down the button of his camera and voila.... thats about it.  However to accept responsibility for a major event such as a wedding, a photographer should have not only great experience with photography and his cameras in general (together with the necessary understanding of poses, light and locations) but also an understanding of the wedding occasion.

For serious wedding photography in Malta, one will require not only top notch equipment, passion and good-will but also a dose of energy!  Franklin will do his out most to include all of these elements at an affordable price.  He enjoys clicking away photos to capture every little expression and mood. He is well-acquainted with his job and knows how to handle situations even in the toughest times or when things go wrong. Below are some of the things which will help you better understand the life of a wedding photographer:

  • The wedding photographers work starts before the actual wedding day, as he begins to scout the places and understand the lighting conditions and location aspects and therefore the strategy to be used.
  • The wedding photographer will have prepared all his equipment beforehand: charged, cleaned, inspected and packed everything for the day.
  • A capable wedding photographer  uses the best cameras (high resolution and with low light capabilities) and equipments that have wireless peripherals.  He carries plenty of extra batteries and memory cards, a spare camera or two and lenses for the different parts of the wedding.   FBalzan has also invested in a backup system whereas all your photos are stored on a RAID system in order to ensure  that the photos are kept safe.
  • A wedding photographer will have planned the timing of the wedding beforehand to ensure that he provides sufficient time for the preparations of the bride and groom and at the same time ensure that he arrives in time at the wedding location!  He must also allocate sufficient time for parking and Malta traffic!