Hands down my favorite camera for 2017.  The camera I have used the most during the year.  It has been with me in my work bag for around 300 out of the 365 days available during the year!  It is the camera I love to use on a daily basis; portable, very discrete, sufficiently fast autofocus, versatile, classic look and fantistic IQ.

The main important aspect is the high portability of the camera without losing any of the quality of the images obtained.  The fact that the sensor is a 42MP allows one to crop well into the image, and hence although restricted with a 35mm lens, it effectively also works as a 70mm lens after cropping.

I have been using the camera in continuous autofocus most of the time, juggling between two modes - Aperture priority and centre autofocus (for shots which allow time to compose) and the wide autofocus mode (for times I am walking with the camera in hand and shooting alla Vivian Maier).

I am here putting up some of my favorite images with the camera during the year.  Be sure to follow my instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/frankbalzan/) which is exclusively focused on street photography using this camera!