Its a beautiful Saturday morning, and I am so looking forward to the afternoon.  After my tennis session, I am so ready for some creativity.

After lunch I make my way to Mdina for a photography session with Nadia, a young energetic and bubbly girl who is launching (or let's say re-luanching) her blog - Stili and Mili.  As the name gives away, Nadia's blog is about Fashion and Travel, so for this shootout, we decided to try and include both themes. 

My now regular colleague Maria, took care of the makeup for this shootout.  She began by applying a legacy look to Nadia.


We began our shoot with the more fashionable look, where Nadia was wearing a beautiful black evening dress.  We experimented with various setups; shadows, double exposure and glamorous feel.  I must say that a little bit of creativity and some props one can indeed go a long way.  All these shots were taken roughly within the same outdoor spot in the Mdina ditch.


Below is a double exposure profile which I created in Photoshop, this was an experimental  idea I was so keen to try on.

Double Exposure - Nadia


Then Nadia together with her boyfriend David (Ohh had I mention that her charming and co-operative boyfriend was with us?... such a helpful hand during the shootout - thumbs up for you) went to their car to quickly change.

We moved along Mdina and created some touristy and traveler themed editorial shots.  Here you go... 

Lesson learnt

One lesson that I learned from this shootout, is that while one needs to have a plan for the shootout - we had been planning the various concepts throughout the whole week - at the end one must be able to adapt and understand his models. 

Nadia and David are the type of people who are simple, pure and full of energy.  After trying to pose Nadia for the fashion aspect of the shootout (who I must say did a very good job, considering it was her first shootout) I realized that to get the best of both I had to ask them to interact between themselves and enjoy the moment.  The energy in the below shot perfectly illustrates my point...