I wanted in this article to highlight possible hidden costs related to malta wedding photography, which you should definitely be on the look out for!  

1. The cost of copyright

You should be aware that not all photographers in Malta will provide you with full copyright of the photos taken during your wedding to you. Some may watermark the images they give you with their own logo to show that they retain copyright or ask you to print them from their own shop.  I will be giving you a full copy of the edited and even unedited photos for your own use and reference which you can print from who you want, without any further obligation.   I will not charge you extra for anything of this!  I will just ask you use the photos for my blog, site and promotion stuff...

2. Photographer overtime

One needs to make sure that the wedding photography costs are clearly inclusive of all time spent at your wedding day!  No overtime costs, no additional assistant costs, no extra charges for what was agreed upon.  So make sure to read that contract!

3. Photographer meals

Many couples don’t realize that their photographer needs to eat at some point during the event; particularly if (s)he has been covering the full day.   I think this is not really an additional cost but must be kept in consideration since even the photographer is human!  

Some photographers may require that you settle the bill for his/her meal on your wedding day and others may add this to the initial agreement, above and beyond the cost of the service.  In case of FBalzan Photography, I will just ask you that I casually take some food as the day goes along!  A hungry photographer will be distracted, which is the last thing you want. 

4. The cost of laziness

Some photographers, mostly those that will do weddings without any real love and passion for it, but more on an industrial mass production level, will take your wedding moments lightly and lose your precious and unique moments.  This is a hidden cost which is difficult to account for, but with me you know that you do not run this risk.