A growing number of foreigners are discovering Malta as a great wedding destination to get married. For those who have never heard of the place, Malta is a geographically tiny island in the mediterranean sea which is a member of the European Union and an independent and nation!  With a population of just about 450,000 people I think we are probably one of the smallest countries of the world.

Nevertheless, Malta hosts a number of unbelievable combinations: a lovely Mediterranean weather, beautiful medieval towns, historic churches, idyllic beaches and exceptional wedding locations for all budgets, make Malta ta special wedding location.  Apart from this Malta is quiet, romantic and peaceful.

So let me summarize why you need to seriously consider getting wed in Malta:

  1. Great value for money as a wedding destination with cheap and frequent flights to Malta.
  2. Beautiful weather all year round... lets say the sun is shining for 300 days a year!
  3. Typical Mediterranean cuisine and delicious Maltese dishes.
  4. Various choices available according to your tastes and needs.... from a church wedding to a beach wedding...   and a vast selection of romantic locations are all around you, varying from seaside locations to eternal cities.
  5. A unique experience... Malta will stay for ever in your heart, while giving your guests an opportunity to enjoy a holiday.

Once you have decided to get wed in Malta, then choosing an appropriate Malta wedding photographer is also a requirement!  You do want to keep the memories of all the experience in the best way possible... and how better to immortalize your special day but by asking a local experienced photographer?  Franklin is an experienced Malta wedding photographer which will guide you through all the day, and will be willing to help you get the necessary contact if need be.

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You can find more information regarding the legal requirements to getting married in Malta here: http://www.visitmalta.com/en/civil-weddings