It was a normal Sunday morning at the start of 2016, when I received a message via Whatsapp.  I am not one of the persons who uses Whatsapp so much and was surprised when I read that someone from abroad had found me online and wanted me to do a photoshoot here in Malta while on a brief holiday.  Katyna, immediately sent me a picture of what she envisaged the shootout to be.  I immediately told her that the closest thing in Malta to what she desired was the northern coastal area of Malta near Golden Bay.

Fast forward two weeks, she and her lovely husband arrive in Malta and I go and meet her at the hotel and we leave off to the Northern part of Malta.  They trust themselves completely in my skill, knowledge of the island and ability... and feel at ease knowing this.  We joke and chat in the car on our way.  Federico is a little bit nervous since its his first shootout, while Katyna seems so looking forward to it.  

'I want a story... a sad and dramatic feeling of love with my husband', she tells me.    Perfect, we have the mood, a client that knows what she wants, a loving husband ready to please his wife and my ability. And so, after scouting two different areas, we reach the hill between Golden bay and Gnejna.  The weather is just gorgeous and the luck is on our side as the clouds get just in front of the sun in most of the shootout.  

And we go on shooting and evolving our theme of solitude and sadness, contrasting with the real and simple love that exists between this couple.   The hills, the cloudy weather and the view just combined together perfectly for this shootout.


Obviously not all the shots were sober and sad... coincidentally, a dog arrives in our scene... and Katyna goes crazy!  Good luck Kate and Federico for your future... :)