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In this blog post I share with you some tips and tricks, which are useful for both wedding photographers and the brides-to-be, on how to make the bride look even more beautiful and charming on the best day of her life!  Everyone wants to look awesome... especially on the day which will be remembered for long.  

I have learned these tips from my shootouts, online articles and from the master of posing Roberto Valenzuela...

  1. Chin  – the brides enemy is her second chin, even the size zero model has one hiding, I promise! Practice by pushing your jaw down and out, whilst stretching your neck and rolling your shoulders back. Obviously there is a limit on how far and you’ll know when too far is too far because then it will not look natural any more.  The photographer needs to be aware of this and try angles which do not expose a double chin.

  2. Practice with your partner – just like you would for the first dance, it’s ok to practice posing in preparation…and your photographer will probably love you for it! Pre-wedding engagement shoots are a wonderful way to get some practice at posing while at the same time also getting to know the photographer.  Also during a pre-wedding shootout you will be all relaxed and enjoying the shootout to the full.

  3. Don’t always look to camera – its really a simple tip but those shots were you are shot when you know that you are being shot but at the same time as if you do not know are the best shots.  So unless the photographer wants you to look at the camera, to make contact with the viewer of the photo, 

  4. Smile and relax – unless you are capable of acting up and really get in to the part, its best to relax and enjoy yourself during your wedding!  Simple and yet so effective.  My shootouts are so easy to do with couples that are enjoying themselves and smile all the way.  Relax, enjoy yourself and forget about your photographer! :)

  5. Keep your back straight - whenever you decide to sit down for a shot or are posing and the photographer ask you to tilt, do not tilt your back but tilt from your neck.  This will ensure that you keep a good posture.

  6. Separate limbs – keeping your arms away from your body (and creating that slot) also slims down the thickness of your overall body shape through illusion. This small tip works for both men and women.  For women the photographer will also try to get the S-Shape curve of the woman.

  7. Nose, eyes and hands - When shooting a bride take care of the position of the nose within the profile as this make here nose look larger then it really is.  Also take care of looking deeply in what the bride is doing with her hands as these convey alot of expression.  Also take care of the eyes and how much of the white of the eyes is showing in your picture.