This week I had the pleasant and fruitful experience of a whole week of discernment, prayer, discussion and sharing with my fellow SDC members in the occasion of our 10 years as members in the society.

During the week, which was held in the beautifully located house of our society in Cirkewwa, we had quality time to spend time together through walks, moments of food preparation and rest! The week was a moment of grace for us all, and it provided us with the opportunity to slow down from our daily routine and help us evaluate our way of life.   During the week I took the opportunity to not only explore my life orientation but also the northern parts of our beautiful island....  

The week had the intention of helping us re-evaluate our lives and for this reason I am calling this series 're-landscaping'; as the series was taken during this re-landscaping moment in our lifes.  May the series inspire us all not all to live in full appreciation of our lifes and friends, but also rekindle in us the spark of love which we so need to live joyfully.