It is impossible to separate the photography a person envisages and produces, from the human person producing the images, his culture, his upbringing, his experiences and his beliefs.  All these aspects have a subconscious effect on the art we produce and the message we try to convey.

You may not be aware that my christian upbringing, which I most treasure, has led me to embrace a particular vocation - being a member of a catholic organisation SDC MUSEUM (  The society aims at not only helping its members live a holy life but also teach to others these values and experiences.

On a yearly basis the society publishes a calendar based on the life, character and spirituality of our founder St. George Preca.  This year, it was decided that the calendar would focus on the life of the first Superior General, Ewgenju Borg, since 2017 marks the 50th anniversary from his death which occurred on the 12th of March 1967. 

I was therefore very keen when I was assigned the photographic task for the calendar.  Following discussions, it was decided to have an interpretative photographic vision of the main life points of Ewgenju Borg for the calendar.  After establishing the 12 most critical scenes from his life, we searched for quotations from Ewgenju Borg and organised the shootouts.  The result of these months of work, can be seen below.  -Deo Gratias